Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Website

Hello everyone!

The Lime Lens has moved to a new location. Visit to check out my new website! Thank you all for your support, kind words, and buisness. I've really appreciated it all.

Natalie Hudson
The Lime Lens

Friday, December 23, 2011

The M Family

May I introduce to you one of the sweetest couples and their precious lil boy!
More pictures will be up after Christmas :)

Sweet baby J. He is so adorable!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

N Double C

When I first moved to North Carolina, I didn't know a soul. That was very difficult for me. I didn't like it here and didn't want to. But God showed me the sooner I stopped having an attitude the better everything would be.
In 2010, after we found a church we liked, I started to meet people. One of them was a blonde, blue eyed girl named Katie. She came up to me and introduced herself and I instantly liked her. After that day we just clicked. That following week I went to a youth lock-in our church was having. Katie was there and she brought her friend, Courtney. They came up to me and Courtney introduced herself. That day changed my life forever.
Since then we've spent so many hours visiting, planning trips, and just enjoying each others company. In December of 2010 Katie wanted to take a trip up to Greensboro, NC to visit some colleges and to see Courtney who was attending Salem College. I went along and let me tell ya, we had the greatest time! We went shopping, explored the colleges that surrounded the area, and of course took LOTS of pictures! The day before we left the three of us went to a mall. We went into Claire's Courtney mentioned she wanted to find a necklace. After looking around she found a heart. Not just any heart, it was a heart that was divided into three little Necklaces. It said "best friends forever''. When she showed it to me and Katie I felt like my heart was going to burst. I heard a voice say, " these girls aren't going anywhere". I thought I was going to lose it. I had already moved so far away from my other friends so it made me scared I would lose any new friends I met. God knew exactly the kind of friends I needed and he gave me two! Two precious girls who I will grow into womanhood with, cook, become wives, and have children for us all to raise with. So I now realize moving out here wasn't a bad thing. It was something God destined to happen.
So now I'm going to tell you 5 things I love most about my girls :)

1. Her motherly ways.
2. Love for music
3. Her desire to love and be all that God wants her to be.
4. Her laugh.
5. How she says " oh girrrrlll " when she says something funny or important.

1. Her love for nature, especially Squirrels. I now call her Squirrely.
2. Her work ethic and determination to get things done, like school.
3. Her sweet words when I'm down.
4. Her love for Starbucks.
5. The fact that she came up with a name to call us; N double C. Katie's name is actually Catherine, but we call her katie for short :).

Here are some pictures form the N Double C adventures! Have a great week!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

I really need to focus on sticking to this whole blog thing!

rule1. Thank and link. I was given this award by Clydia Mangold of Three Mango Seeds love seeing her post about her family and different things she creates. Rule #2 I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself that some of you may not know...

1. God has given me five wonderful women who mean the world to me: My wonderful mother, Kimberly, Sheryl, Shana, Janice, and Margret. Anytime I've got a problem I can always go to them for help :)

2. It is possible to drown a fish. I did it accidentally when I was two. Hey, the fish was cold!

3. I've written several short stories that I'm trying to combine into a book of several stories.

4. I've never had a boyfriend and I'm almost 20. I'm going to keep it that way until that special someone comes along.

5. I love watching action movies. Especially the Transformers Trilogy.

6. I am the oldest of eight grand kids.

7. I'm a night owl. On a good night I'll be in bed by 2:00 AM.

Now to pass on the award.. ((drum roll))

Sheryl over at The Altered Passport

And Katie from Beach Town Girl

Head on over to these wonderful blogs to see lots of creativity, everyday life, and fun at the beach!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, October 17, 2011

So Exciting!!

Well this has been a great day so far!! About a month ago mom and I went shopping and found a high end store called Coco & Company. It's a store in Calabash, NC which is mot too far from where I live. They had all sorts of nice clothes, dishware and antique nick-nacs. I was hoping I would find some props or something and found a beautiful Kodak Brownie in it's original box!! I was so excited!
Then last week my friend Katie came into town for Fall Break and wanted to go to Coco's While we were I met the owner ( who is precious! ) and gave her a few of my business cards. I later got an email asking if I would send her a copy of the picture which was on the back of my card. She wanted to put it on Facebook for some advertising! This was the picture: She went on to say she would recommend me to anyone who asked about a photographer in the area and hoped I would stop by again! So you should go check out Coco & Company on Facebook!

The second exciting news is that my mom has a blog called Living To Seas The Moment! I know she would love you to visit her and see what a great mom she is! She didn't say that last part but of course she's a great mom! So go check out my mom, Kimberly at and give her some of that love you continue to give me! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kelly Higgins

Hey everyone! As you read in my last post, I assisted Kelly at a Greek wedding. Well there's a little more to that story that I wanted to tell you.
When we first moved from Oklahoma to the coast, it was the hardest thing I ever had to go through. The hardest part was leaving my friends and having to make new ones. I asked God to please bring someone in my life who had a passion for photography and who would become a great friend. well, one day my mom went to get her hair done and one of the ladies who worked there was talking about some amazing pictures that were taken by her friend Kelly. Mom looked at them and really liked them. I was a senior in High School at the time so she was hoping Kelly could do my pictures. A few weeks later I went to a shopping center called The Market Common and met Kelly. I instantly liked her! She was so sweet and full of joy. The funny thing is I'm not a photogenic person. At all. But Kelly made me feel very comfortable and took some awesome pictures!
Sometime after that, she called and asked me if I was interested in helping her shoot a wedding. I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. That was the first time we really got to know and spend time together. It was a blast! We were so tired after but it was worth it.

From then on I've helped her with several shoots. Knowing that she needs me to help her makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This picture was taken from the Greek Wedding. I thought it was a good picture of the lady behing the lens :)

When we got to our hotel, Kelly saw the bed and we wanted to get a cute picture of her jumping. The ceiling was very low so she had to be careful. I love this picture!

Well I hope you enjoyed a little piece of my friendship with Kelly. I can't wait to do more shoots with her in the future!

Bonnie & Peter { Wedding Sneak Peek }

The bride's father waiting for his little girl

These flower girls were just so precious!

One HUGE Greek Family :)

First Dance :)

Peter's father passed away when he was only fifteen. I loved when weddings have little details like this.